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Selling a House? Read This First!

If you are selling a house, then let me tell you how backward and crazy it is to do it the traditional way. If you are selling a house or are considering selling a house, then this message is for you.

You will put the house on the market with an Agent (using an Agent is not the crazy part.....that part is smart). But what happens next is the worst way in the world to sell your house.

The house goes in the MLS, a sign goes in the yard, and then you start accepting offers.

You accept an offer that is subject to a home inspection and you agree to give the buyer closing cost assistance.

The Home Inspector does his job and based on national averages, the Home Inspector finds $14,130 in repairs.

At that point you have to re-negotiate the deal and you give the buyers an opportunity to say, "NO" after they already said yes. The deal is killed between 15 and 20 percent of the time. That's terrible for everyone in the transaction!!

If the deal does go through, then it is going to cost YOU, the Seller, money!!!

The Buyer will demand a repair of an item, a replacement of an item, or a reduction in price. Never in the history of Inspecting for a Buyer has the price of the house gone up or has the Seller netted more money.

As a Seller now you are angry. You are mad at the buyers, you are mad at the home inspector, and you are even mad at your own agent. But, you reluctantly agree to the buyers demands and you close on the deal because you need to get into your next house.

So now you are sitting at the closing table looking at the HUD statement and you realize that you are paying for the buyers home inspection via the closing cost assistance. You are paying for the Home Inspection Report which just cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Think about that.............HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

If you are going to pay for a Home Inspection most of the time, then why not do it on the front end and hire an Inspector who is working for you?

So here is what you do to stop the me....we built a national platform around this concept and it works.

VISIT: and learn about the advantages of Sellers Inspections.

After visiting the website here are the steps to follow.

1. Contact Aardvark to do the Pre Listing Inspection. You will get 25k in FREE warranty protection with the inspection, including a 1 year termite warranty and 5 year roof leak warranty. Those warranties transfer to the buyer.

2. Hire a Real Estate Agent to List your house. We can even connect you with Real Estate Agents that pay for the Pre Listing Inspection via a credit at closing. In essence you, the Seller, will not pay for the Pre Listing Inspection. The Agent can discuss the findings of the report with you and list the house with a price which reflects its condition. And the Agent can even give you advice of what repairs to make which will maximize the equity in your house.

3. You or your agent can post the house and report to and you and your agent will get FREE buyer leads. YES, we help you and your agent market the house.

4. Get an accepted offer and enjoy a less stressful, more certain, and more profitable real estate transaction.

In fact it is so stress free if a Buyers Home Inspection kills your deal or delays your closing then the warranty company will make your mortgage payments........up to 5k a month for 3 months.

If you do not live in Aardvark's service area then visit and find a home inspector near you. If you can not find one then private message me. I will get you connected with a great Home Inspector and an awesome Real Estate Agent.


Dave Klima / Aardvark Home Inspectors Inc.


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