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Traditionally, how real estate is sold goes as follows: Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed for Buyers. Upon inspection, deficiencies are discovered and then Buyers and Sellers negotiate repairs. With this process, real estate transactions are negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and once for repairs.  Upon negotiating repairs is when all the anger, anxiety, and frustration with the real estate process takes place.  MOREOVER, THIS PROCESS ALWAYS COSTS THE SELLER MONEY


In our experience, never in the history of selling houses has a Seller netted more money or sold the house for a higher price, after the Buyer’s inspection is performed. The Buyer will always demand a repair of an item, replacement of an item, or a reduction in price.  AGAIN, THIS PROCESS ALWAYS COSTS THE SELLER MONEY


Aardvark’s Pre-Listing Inspection Program has many advantages and we are dedicated to making your selling experience easier, more certain, and less of a financial burden. According to the National Association of Realtors statistics, houses which are pre-inspected sell faster, and for more money. To improve the way houses are sold, and to help all parties involved in the real estate transaction, Aardvark co-founded is an innovative platform and system to help Sellers, the Listing Agent, and Potential Buyers.  Using the system Aardvark can help market the house, capture buyer leads, drive leads to the listing, and drive leads to the Listing Agents website.   


With the system a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report can be loaded to the website and Potential Buyers can download the report for $19.95.  When the report is sold the Seller receives this money, as a way, to help recover the cost of the Pre-Listing Home Inspection.   All the smoking, hot Buyer leads created from the system are given to the Seller and the Listing Agent.

Also, in conjunction with and a 3rd party warranty company, Aardvark provides the Seller with FREE warranty coverage during the listing period. 

Advantages to Aardvark’s Pre-Listing Inspection Program

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• The Seller is in control of the real estate transaction vs the Buyer and can dictate up front what repairs they will make to the house.

 • The Seller has an opportunity to build repair costs into the price of the house.

 • The Seller has an opportunity to shop around and get better repair prices and make their own repairs.

 • The Seller has an opportunity to make their own repairs vs being forced to hire licensed contractors.

 • Aardvark will use the system and will help market the house, capture leads, drive leads to the listing, and drive leads to the Listing Agents website.

 • Aardvark offers FREE warranty protection to the Seller.

 • Aardvark’s Pre-Listing Inspection program will give the house a listing advantage.

 • With the system the Seller will receive valuable offers to help offset the cost of the home inspection.

 • With the system the home inspection report can be sold and the money for sold reports goes to the seller.

 • Aardvark can connect Sellers with Real Estate Agents who will pay for the Pre-Listing Inspection as a reimbursement at closing.

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If you want to feel great when you sell real estate, then having Aardvark perform a Pre-Listing Home Inspection and use the system is the best way to sell a house. 

Schedule your Pre-Listing Home Inspection today. 

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