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Below you will find some of the items Aardvark Home Inspectors look for while inspecting homes



Aardvark opens and closes every window in every room of the house. The type of window is identified as well as the condition of the windows. This picture shows that the window is beginning to wood rot and is most likely caused from condensation on an unpainted frame.

Heating System

Aardvark inspects the heating system to identify the type of furnace, age, make, condition, and venting. This picture shows the vent pipe is cracked and rusted out before it enters the chimney. This condition is dangerous because carbon monoxide will leak into the house.



Inside of a furnace that was inspected to determine if the burner operated. This furnace did not operate at the time of the inspection.

Electrical Fixtures

Aardvark inspects all electrical fixtures and outlets in every room of the house. This picture shows an open junction box which should have a fixture or cover installed.


Plumbing Fixtures

Aardvark inspects plumbing fixtures in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. This picture shows a plumbing fixture in the kitchen that is leaking from the handle.

Exterior Coverings

Aardvark inspects the exterior coverings of the house to determine the condition of these coverings. This pictures shows some loose and improperly installed siding.


Free Termite Inspection

Aardvark performs a free termite inspection with every home inspection. This picture shows a termite tube coming from the floor of an attached garage.

Exterior Electrical Outlets

Aardvark inspects exterior electrical outlets to ensure they are working properly and are GFCI protected. This picture shows that the outlet is not a GFCI outlet, is mounted under a downspout which could have moisture drain into the outlet, and the wire ran in the ground is not in conduit. All of these conditions pose a safety concern.


Electrical Wires

Aardvark inspects the electrical wires that are visible. This picture shows some old knob and tube wiring and a wire that is frayed.

Drainage Inspection

Aardvark inspects the house to determine if there is proper drainage around the house. This picture shows that there are no gutters installed.


Roof Leaks

Aardvark also inspects roofs to determine if there are any leaks coming from the roof and the condition of the decking. This picture shows a section of broken and missing roof decking. Also there is evidence of knob and tube wiring that is visible in the attic.

Decks Inspection

Aardvark inspects decks to ensure they are safe, attached to the house properly, and are adequately framed. This picture shows that the steps do not have a handrail. All stairs with three or more rises should have a handrail.


Attic Inspection

Aardvark inspects attics to ensure that they are properly vented. This picture shows a dryer vent going into the attic and not through the roof line. This condition will cause wet moist air to be trapped in the attic area and may lead to mold and wood rot. Bathroom vents should also be vented through the roof line because wet, moist air from showers can also be trapped in the attic leading to mold and wood rot.

Gutters Inspection

Aardvark inspects gutters to ensure that they are extended away from the house. It is very important to keep water from draining next to the foundation because excessive moisture will erode the foundation, may leak into basement, could cause structural problems and create a mold condition in the basement.


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