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Post Closing - Pre Move In Inspections.

Home Inspection

Waiving an inspection when making the biggest investment of your life could be a big mistake which could cause financial hardship or even worse........injuries could happen from unsafe conditions.

If you waived your inspection, then you need to have your home inspected before you move in and this is why.

1. You want to make sure there are not any health or safety hazards. Can you imagine a toddler crawling through the spindles of a second floor banister? How about being poisoned from a carbon monoxide leak? Do you want to risk sleeping in a house with undisclosed electrical deficiencies? Would you have bought the house if you knew it had termites, mold, or structural concerns? If you waived the inspection, then getting a Post Closing-Pre Move In Inspection can protect you.

Home Inspection

2. You want to learn some things about maintaining your house. The expression about an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure rings true when it comes to homeownership. During your inspection you will learn how to change your furnace filter, how to reset tripped breakers, the importance of proper drainage around the house, the importance of caulking around windows, doors, utility lines, tubs, and showers. You will be reminded about the importance of changing smoke detector batteries and door locks upon moving into the house. The list of things you will learn at the inspection is too long to list in this blog.

3. Some home inspectors offer free warranty protection with the inspection.

With a home inspection performed by Aardvark Home Inspectors you will get a one year termite warranty, 5 year roof leak warranty, 90 day mold, sewer line, and appliance warranty.

4. Some home inspectors have the ability to get you a premium long term home warranty which your Real Estate Agent may not know about. For example with an inspection performed by Aardvark you can get a home warranty which covers termites, mold, radon systems, radon levels, sewer lines, roofs, and all the other things covered by home warranties which Real Estate Agents sell. This premium home warranty is longer and less expensive than traditional home warranties too.

5. You need to document the condition of the house before you move in.

If you waived the inspection, then you must have relied on the Sellers disclosure for the condition of the house. What if the Seller did not fully disclose this condition?

The only way to prove the deficiency existed prior to moving in is to have a Pre Move In Inspection. If legal action is necessary, then your lawyer will need the Pre Move In Inspection report to help you prove that sellers did not fully disclose the condition of the house.

With this process, you may be able to recover the costs to repair undisclosed deficiencies.

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